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15 Nov

The United States Embassy teaches you ten minutes to activate a visa! Sohu travel before we heard all kinds of rumors about the ten years of the United States signed? Some also have a variety of questions about the EVUS system? Why ten years the United States is no longer say to go? Today, the United States Embassy Cultural Office held a press conference, assistant press officer Bi’An and U.S. Customs and border protection officials on-site demonstration on the EVUS register, and the answers to some questions existed. Today is the first time to ring the freshest and most authoritative information to tell you oh ~ adorable first we break a few rumors ~ about the United States signed the rumor 1 "ten years the United States signed void?" The fact that there is no sign of beauty void said, but according to mutual agreement, the United States reached a period of 10 years, issued by the business and tourist visa (B1 B2, B1 and B2) passengers need regular online form to update their personal information. The new requirements are similar to those required by the citizens of 38 other countries before they go to the United states. EVUS registration and visa application are two separate procedures. Rumor 2 "EVUS is not registered in time, ten years the United States signed invalid? "According to the U.S. Customs and border protection officials," EVUS just wants you to sign up for a trip to the United states. According to the current regulations, if you have ten years to sign, eight years are not registered EVUS, you ready to travel to the United States in ninth years, the beauty of your sign is still valid, just before the registration of EVUS. Rumor 3 EVUS system has not successfully registered, the United States signed void?" In fact when you submit information on the EVUS, there will be three situations: Registration success: Congratulations, you can open the journey not successful registration: this could be your imperfect information or access and information table DS160 to fill in the visa application, you can wait 24 hours to register again, or call EVUS customer service center for help. EVUS customer service center Tel: 1-202-325-0180. In addition to the United States to provide a 24 day holiday outside the federal service for a period of 7 hours, and with mandarin. You can also contact the customer service center via email: Visa was withdrawn: this situation is relatively rare, if you encounter this situation can consult the U.S. consulate. After the three rivers and lakes in the spread of rumors, we began to understand the details of the information on the EVUS. What is EVUS? Visa renewal electronic system (EVUS) is an online system for a period of 10 years, B1 B2 B1 or B2 visa (visitors) People’s Republic of China citizens regularly update the basic personal information, to facilitate its from any state through the land, air, or water to the United states. Since November 29, 2016, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Bureau of customs and border protection will require the passenger shall hold a valid registration EVUS to travel to the United states. The U.S. government is expected to be more in the future相关的主题文章: