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13 Nov

The Lakers’ male coach with refractory knee fear reimbursed doctor to discuss small nance may be the season of sina sports news Beijing standard time on February 24th "Losangeles Daily News" reported yesterday, the Losangeles Lakers lost to Milwaukee 101-108 Milwaukee, Larry – South, only 9 minutes and 34 seconds of playing time, because his right knee still feel sore. Nevertheless, he insists he will play against Memphis tomorrow. By contrast, coach Byron – Scott is not so optimistic. In an interview, he said he had with Lakers trainer Gary Vitti discussed whether to let small nance complete rest in 24 games remaining in the program. "I told him what I thought, and he said that, too." Scott didn’t want to go into details. "We’ll do regular treatment first and see what’s going on tomorrow." Because of a knee injury by people in the past month has missed 10 games. The six all star game before the weekend, he did not play, in order to make it get a thorough rest. But obviously that’s not enough. "We talked about it, they have said," according to the topic of the season people responded, "but for now, this is just a precautionary consideration." As the year of the two round of the show, people have not been widely optimistic about entering the league, but with the energetic style and the continuous progress of the jumper, he gradually won the trust and the team once secured first position. As of now, Nancy averaged 5.7 points and 4.9 rebounds, shooting rate reached 54.2%. Nancy’s knee injury history can be traced back to the college, he read a junior at University of Wyoming, had suffered a knee tendon tear injury, for hidden trouble after. But according to Nancy I say, "don’t need" the injury in the offseason surgery. Instead, people plan to strengthen of the knee joint is fixed, in order to avoid further injury. "This is not a short duration of time of power," referring to the injury healed when Nancy said, "wait until the start of next season, it will all be left behind." (panda)

湖人暴跳男膝伤难愈恐报销 主帅正与队医商讨 小南斯可能就此赛季报销   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月24日《洛杉矶每日新闻报》报道,在昨天洛杉矶湖人101-108负于密尔沃基雄鹿的比赛中,小拉里-南斯只获得了9分34秒的上场时间,因为他的右膝仍然感到酸痛。尽管如此,他仍坚称自己会参加明天客场对灰熊的比赛。   相比之下,主教练拜伦-斯科特就没那么乐观了。在接受采访时,他透露自己已经与湖人训练师加里-维蒂讨论过是否让小南斯在剩余的24场比赛里彻底休息的计划。   “我告诉他我的想法,他也说了他的。”斯科特并不愿意透露细节,“我们会先进行常规治疗,然后看看明天情况如何。”   因为膝伤所困,南斯过去一个月里已经先后缺席了10场比赛。其中全明星周末前的六场比赛,他都没打,为的就是让伤处得到彻底的休息。不过,显然这还并不足够。   “我们谈过这事儿,他们也谈过,”南斯针对赛季报销的话题回应道,“不过就目前而言,这只是个预防性的考虑。”   作为今年的二轮秀,南斯在刚进联盟时并未得到广泛看好,不过凭借充满活力的打法和不断进步的跳投能力,他逐渐赢得球队信任并一度坐稳先发位置。截至目前为止,南斯场均可以得到5.7分4.9个篮板,投篮命中率达到54.2%。   南斯的膝伤历史可以追溯到大学时期,他在怀俄明大学读大三时,曾经遭遇过一次右膝肌腱撕裂的伤势,为日后埋下隐患。不过根据南斯本人的说法,这次受伤“肯定不”需要在休赛期接受手术治疗。取而代之的是,南斯计划加强对膝关节的固定,以避免进一步受伤。   “这并非一朝一夕之功,”南斯在谈到膝伤的痊愈时说,“等到下赛季开始的时候,这一切都会被抛在脑后。”   (熊猫)相关的主题文章: