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10 Nov

Software iOS5 on iPhone5 is out in the market with loads of pop and show. There is very high drama surrounding both leading mobile platforms with a hot topic which one is more better- iOS or Android. Apple has always been very promising and boastful about its products and operating system. However, they are on their words to some extent but now they have a very established and equally strong competitor to compete with i.e. Android. With time iOS and Android have evolved the smartphone industry into a battleground of mobile hardware and mobile softwares including mobile applications. If we talk go five years back there was no scene of any development company investing huge figures on mobile platforms just to have a popular mobile app on its side. This depicts how drastically these smartphone brands have actually transformed the whole mobile market. These days all companies are ready to pay as much amount as possible to have a popular plus unique app that can build their online reputation along with generation of revenue. So, now when Apples iOS5 and Android Jelly Bean 4.1 are face to face it is a tough time for one to decide which one is better. If we talk about Jelly Bean it is there in the market for quite a long time and has actually made its Android programmers happy and satisfied with its performance. New Android has some admirable features which are impending to make it superior than so called iOS5. Undoubtedly, iOS5 has more fame and long terms users associated with it and iPhone apps developers are also never tired of signing its praise but then somewhere Android has intervene that conquered domain of iOS and has given a tough fight to grab the top position. Android Jelly Bean flaunts some happy features like Google Now, 3D maps, better accessibility for visually impaired users, more slick drop down menu, Android Beam, Project Butter visual performance improvements and many more. On the other hand, iOS5 failed in its attempt to impress its users by its much talked about Apple maps. But it does not mean that iOS does not have any other good features. Both leading mobile operating systems are at the same where they can perform anything that is asked by the user or the developer community. To conclude, we can say that on the basis of the review by Android apps developers and the users worldwide Android 4.1 is a better and fruitful investment. With any second though, for your next mobile app hire expert Android apps developers working on 4.1 jelly bean platform. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: