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10 Nov

Legal US passport is not just a document that allows US citizens to travel. But it has more to do with US citizenship as it acts as a proof of US citizenship. Despite of great advantages of having a passport many US citizens do not own a passport. The most common reason for not procuring a passport is that the citizens need to set time apart during regular working hours to apply passport in person. USCIS came with a peculiar idea of celebrating US passport day to help people overcome this hassle. Passport Day in the US This is the day when USCIS bends the rules to make the application process easy for the applicants. It is celebrated on March 10th this year and this is one day welcomed by many citizens of US. On this day people can learn more about travel requirements for U.S. citizens or apply for a U.S. passport. This is the day where you do the above mentioned tasks without appointments. The department of state will receive passport applications from U.S. citizens nationwide and from border-to-border. Process Expedite fees are not needed for those applying at a Passport Agency on this day. Applicants can anticipate getting their passport in about four weeks for routine service and approximately two to three weeks for speed up service. The hours of operation for each Passport Agency for this event may differ through the country. Citizens should check the government site for official times. Times may also be different for Passport Acceptance Facilities, so U.S. citizens should check with their native acceptance facility for event info. Facts and figures on the cost and how to apply for a passport can be seen at the government site. Make Use of the Opportunity For those looking to obtain their passport for the first time, this is a picture-perfect occasion. There most likely wont be any lines. Take all the required documents, pay the charge and get out of there. You will receive your passport in a few weeks, maybe less time than that. Required documents include drivers license, certified birth certificate that is original and payment for fees. A check or money order is essential for State Department fees. All candidates must be present as well as both parents in the case of minors. Purpose of Having Passport Day The department is expecting to increase the number of Americans with valid passports, emphasizing that all citizens need US passport, not just those who require traveling across the border, specifically since most international travel isn’t planned beforehand. Anyone with family members in foreign, elder relations who travel, kids who study in a foreign country, we endorse that these people have a legal passport at all time because there may be a disaster and they will need to travel on short notification. The service is popular among people who can’t afford taking time off work to stand in line at the passport office. Those who lack US passport dont miss to join US passport day celebration. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: