are necessary for attaining liberation. Either alone does not lead to liberation.” Truly honeys中国官网

10 Nov

Spirituality As spiritual awakening beckons, the longing to go beyond the manifested grows. While there is no set expression that can clearly define the process of spiritual awakening and enlightenment, the study of transcendental knowledge can help foster the process. This is what Gyan Marg aspires to achieve by helping the seeker transcend barriers to spirituality and enlightenment. When tapped by the inner conscience, you find yourself questioning worldly existence. Many seekers acknowledge facing up quandaries that had a direct bearing on their metaphysical existence. Who am I and what makes me here? Whats the essence to life and liberation all about? If you find yourself soaked up by such profundity that questions the very essence of existence and being, you may just be getting closer to setting off spiritual awakening. However, its common to misinterpret spiritual awakening blow-by-blow. Many seekers initially look for ways to bring about instant spirituality and awakening before ultimately realizing spiritual awakening as a journey that is long, puzzling, and often intangible. As stated in what easily qualifies as one of the greatest spiritual books ever written, the greatest impediment to spiritual growth is the desire to gain all-encompassing knowledge without going the distance. The central subject of this work of vintage by Sri Valmiki is encapsulating the spiritual journey of Lord Rama as a young seeker caught up in the greatest quandaries of life which inspired him to give up worldly life for spiritual awakening. The book contains discourses and real life accounts of some of the greatest spiritual luminaries of the past, including Bhardawaj, the most revered and the first disciple of Sri Valmiki to have attained liberation. The highlight of Sri Yoga Vasishtha remains the engrossing dialogue between Sri Ramachandra and age Vasishtha which has for ages been regarded truly momentous for spiritual enlightenment and awakening.The narration is so intense and deeply moving that it makes the reader soak up all the brilliance without stopping for a moment. It is of extreme importance to bring about dissolution of the ego and realize the transitory nature of the universe to advance on the path to enlightenment while keeping the fine balance between actions and knowledge acquisition. As quoted in the Sri Yoga Vasishtha, "Both, actions (karma) and knowledge (gyan) are necessary for attaining liberation. Either alone does not lead to liberation." Truly, Sri Yoga Vasistha is one piece of transcendental brilliance worth its weight in gold to the spiritual seeker. 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