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09 Nov

Software Switching over to a new job not only involves a new organization, a new environment, new workplace but sometimes also switching over to a new email client. Even in case when one is using two different email platforms say for Lotus Notes in office and Microsoft Outlook at home, managing emails and other data can be a grueling task. The alarming question confusing the mind is How to convert Outlook to Lotus Notes ? easily, safely and accurately without loss of data. The problem to convert from Outlook to Notes can be curbed and eased with the effective use of a third party migration tool, allowing simple and easy conversion of data from Microsoft Outlook to IBM Lotus Notes. With huge market offerings in this segment (conversion software), one such convincing and competent player is the SysTools Software Groups Outlook to Notes migration tool. SysTools Outlook to Notes conversion tool surpasses its domain counterparts with its wide array of benefits. To name a few: * The Outlook to Notes migration tool exports the data present in the single Outlook PST file to 2 Notes NSF file, 1 NSF containing all the emails, journal entries, to-do lists, calendar, tasks and appointments data and the other file storing the contacts data in the names.nsf file. * The conversion software not only converts the complete mailbox including the Inbox, Drafts, Sent Items, and Outbox but also the email properties like to, cc, bcc and attachment data like images, tables, etc along with the email. * The utility tool offers bulk conversion of the data present in the multiple PST files by creating a single batch file. * The migration tool converts both the orphaned and configured files. * The conversion tool supports both the ANSI and Unicode file formats. * Compatible with all the released versions of Microsoft Outlook (97, 2000, XP, 2002, 2003, 2007 and the newly released 2010) and Lotus Notes (v8.5, v8.0, v7.0, v6.5 and v5.0). * Supports all versions of Windows series (97, 98, 2000,XP, 2002,2003, Windows Vista and newly Windows 7 Series) * The Demo version of the software is available for getting an insight into the whole conversion process. The demo version converts only the first 15 items per folder. * Strong 24*7 technical support. You can export Microsoft Outlook to Notes easily and for any doubts, you can contact the support team. * Cost-effective, easy and simple to use- no technical know-how required. * Data security and integrity. Throughout the conversion process the data along with the metadata information is kept safe. SysTools Outlook to Notes is a robust tool available for hassle free conversion from Outlook platform to Lotus Notes platform. It is a multi-benefit tool that can help you convert Outlook 2003 to Notes 8.0 and also to convert Outlook to Lotus Notes Domino Server. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: