52 sheep stolen police let lamb milk Renqin to recover the Sohu news-9c8814

16 Apr

52 sheep stolen police let lamb "milk Renqin" to recover the Sohu news 23 at noon, Xuyi sheep farmers Wang Qiang (a pseudonym). In the mountains more than and 300 sheep, only less than 52. The police to help him search, in another sheep farmers Lin Bo (a pseudonym) found suspected missing sheep, which have a few little lamb cry piteously for food. The 26 day, the police from the flock of Wang Qiang, leading some only after her to keep Lin Bo ewe flock, originally hungry bleated the lamb to ewe, immediately rushed up. Correspondent He Qingguo Xie Lei less than 52 only take wings to itself a flock of sheep sheep Wang Qiang for many years, he relies on the unique advantages of Xuyi town at the junction of Tianquan, Tianquan town and Chou Ji Zhen hillside backyard has more than and 300 goats, October 23rd, with his usual more than and 300 sheep to the hillside, at noon to go home for dinner. But when he came back to the flock after dinner, he found something wrong. "Gregarious goat is very strong, even if not together, but also not too far apart". According to Wang Qiang introduction, after lunch, he just saw the sheep, sheep feel less, and more than one, then he will set the sheep, carefully counted, found a total of less than 52 sheep, which have a few newborn lamb. He looked around, looking for the whole hill, and no sign of 52 sheep. Think of these 52 sheep market price of more than 3 yuan, Wang Qiang alarm to the police. The police rushed to the scene of the location around the sheep backyard seriously investigation, initially ruled out a transport vehicle to enter and kill after stealing phenomenon. At this time, Wang Qiang told the police that gregarious goat is very strong, and the sheep is to recognize people, people who are not familiar with the flock, certainly will not be away, so he is sure the sheep had been stolen by familiar people. Make a spring lamb "milk Renqin" Xuyi County town police station told reporters, they think that after the alarm, 52 goats could not It is without rhyme or reason. missing. Fortunately, several days of continuous rain, leaving many sheep on the mountain trail. The police then left the road according to the ground if tracking, looking for the herd’s whereabouts. 24 PM, the police catch another Township Chou Qiao sheep farmers Lin Bo, in his pen were found in more than and 100 goats. In the face of the police inquiry, Lin Bo said that the circle of more than and 100 goats are their own breeding, but the police investigation is very impatient. Police visited, an insider revealed to the police Lin Bo home only raised more than 50 goats. Preliminary determination of the nature of the case, the police quickly on the case investigation. "Because there is no direct evidence that Lin Bo stole 52 sheep, but the road and no monitoring, according to Tian Town police station police, on how to break through the forest they wave confession by agonizing, opened their idea of Lin Bo sheepfold seven or eight little lamb cry piteously for food: there are some just born the little lamb 52 sheep Wang Qiang lost, but the mother is not lost lamb. 26 PM, the police let Wang Qiang take three just after the ewe lamb wave came to the forest home sheepfold, originally hungry bleated at Lin Bo’s home in the sheepfold.相关的主题文章: