5 Tips On Wearing Black-candy boy

24 Jul

Fashion-Style It is the rule in women’s clothing that while black is classic and will flatter any body type, we generally try and steer away from wearing outfits that are .posed entirely of black. Too much black can spell emo, goth or misunderstood artist, but if carefully managed black can be our best fashion friend. By following some simple rules, you can work black hard and still let your personal style and flair shine through. 1) It’s all in the Detail Whether your wearing all black or mostly black, a good idea to prevent it looking like you’re attending a funeral is to buy items that contain some detail. Detail can be some carefully placed studs, rings or buckles. Mix up the textures of the top and bottom halves. Choose a top with some ruffles, pleats or lacy inserts or add a leather item. If you’re wearing black tights you could add interest with some peephole, fishnet or studded designs. If you are looking to glam up the black, then you could go with flamboyant feathers or some beautiful beading. The trick is to keep interest and flair to the outfit by paying attention to the details. 2) Choose your Dark Side Ok, so you don’t want to wear black all the time, but your favourite pieces are in black. So decide which half you will dress in black and then .pliment it with another item of colour or white. Many of us stick to black for the bottom half, because it’s slimming and versatile. For a sophisticated, classic look, team you black pants or skirts look with a navy blouse or shirt or something crisp and white like a button-down collared shirt. 3) Theme If you are wearing a lot of black this season and don’t want to look overly morbid, then why not try and give some subtle theme to your outfit. Black pants and a black blazer can look instantly brighter and slightly nautical by slipping a navy and white top in between. For biker-chic, wear your black skinny jeans, favourite faded black tee with a super cool, vintage leather jacket or to soften up a blacker than black top and bottom, go Euro and wrap a chunky scarf around your neck, pop on a beret and slip on some heeled boots and voila! 4) Accent Colour Using a dash of colour can often be all that is needed to break up a black outfit. It might be a patent leather red belt or a baby blue vest or cardi that you have chosen for your accent piece. Whatever colour or item you choose take care not to repeat it again in that outfit. Don’t be clever and try to match your dashing purple heels with a purple bag or scarf. There are two reasons for this, one is that you will unlikely be able to match the colour perfectly and the other is that the accent goes from being subtle to obvious and contrived. The colour accent should .e off as a last minute thing you grabbed as you walked out the door, not something you have stood in front of the mirror puzzling over for hours. 5) Successful Assembly However you choose to your wear your black clothes, the success of your outfit is all down to assembly in the end. How you put together the theme or highlight the detail is key to achieving a stylish black look. Be careful not to over do the accessories. A small hairpiece or statement necklace is often all it takes to really finish off a little black dress. If you’re going for biker chic, then don’t give yourself a sleek, styled do. Let your hair be un-fussed and your face be fairly bare of makeup, instead choose a bright red lippy or some smudged black eyeliner, but don’t do both. If you’ve decided to highlight with an accent piece, then don’t double up and wear that colour elsewhere, rather let that piece be the accent. When you’re wearing black, understated is usually the best way to go, don’t look as if you’re trying too hard, what ever looking you’re going for. If these rules have got you hankering to make black the new black in your wardrobe, Shilla is offering some sexy little black dresses this season with the just perfect amount of detail in the design, or why not look at what Ladakh or Cooper St are doing with it’s studded tops and feathered skirts. If you follow these rules and let the labels guide your choices and you should be able to make black work hard for you this winter. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: