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17 Apr

5 people driving in a car accident in the Qinghai Tibet line the whole car per capita killed 5 dead 4 people involved 3 families from Chongqing Chongqing SUV Qinghai Tibet railway accident, Golmud Municipal Government Emergency Office responded that 5 per car has been killed, the families of the deceased are being rushed to Golmud. In October 6th 16:00, upstream News – Chongqing morning news reporter contacted at Xining transit to Golmud said the families of the dead, killed in a car crash, 5 people dead, including 4 Chongqing nationals, 1 people in Sichuan. After receiving the call, we first time to Golmud, who did not expect this accident will be so painful." Family members of Mr. Wang said, son is 24 years old this year, is one of the dead in a car accident, in August this year, grandson was born, the son is now gone, the whole family grief, the legacy of the baby is two months old. This time to Golmud, her daughter also followed to deal with the aftermath, who can not accept this fact." It is reported that the scene of the accident, take 5 people in Chongqing C6Y867 the Great Wall off-road vehicles, of which two were cousins, Qinmou and his wife (Sichuan nationals) and cousin Wang, accompanied by another couple. 5 people in September 28th from Hechuan to Tibet line driving, was scheduled to arrive in Chongqing late October 7th return. The accident happened unexpectedly Tuotuohe on Qinghai Tibet line to Golmud City, 5 kilometers, 5 people were killed. After the incident, the three families have sent their families to Golmud. 7 families of deceased Qinmou Wang and two families have arrived in Xining, is expected to arrive at the Golmud evening of October 6th. Currently, Golmud People’s Hospital has made contact with their families to help deal with the aftermath. For the specific reasons for the accident, the police said to his family, temporarily inconvenient to disclose. Currently one of the families of the family arrived in Golmud. Upstream News – Chongqing morning news reporter Wang Shan October 6th 15:04 reporter tracking of Golmud Municipal People’s Government Bulletin: all 5 people died in Chongqing from the Qinghai Tibet line of off-road vehicle traffic accident incident, October 6th 14:50, Golmud Municipal People’s Government in the emergency office through the upstream News – Chongqing morning news exclusive informed of the accident: 5 people ride Chongqing C6Y867 car in, have been killed. Among them, the death of 4 people, 1 people in the town of Golmud city on the way to the Tanggula hospital died. Golmud municipal government emergency office said in October 5th 5 in the afternoon, the accident happened in Tibet line Tuotuohe to Golmud city 5 kilometers, the accident vehicle license for the Chongqing Province, Chongqing C6Y867. After receiving the public alarm, the police rushed to the scene the first time, according to the police 110, 120 personnel, the scene of the accident has confirmed 4 people no signs of life, announced the death scene. 1 of them are faint signs of life, 120 ambulance Tanggula town hospital sent the first ambulance, the injured to the hospital rescue after half an hour, and then rushed to the Golmud People’s Hospital emergency personnel, accompanied by Tibet police, the injured to the rescue of Golmud city. A legacy of相关的主题文章: