4 year old children in the street to smoke the baby’s life ruined the bad habits of the 18 – Sohu ma face gossip

21 Nov

18 bad habits – 4 years old children in the street smoking ruin baby life Sohu [news review] mother 4 years old children in the street smoking mother next to laugh at suspected spirit is not normal people call the hotline 630 brother told material beside Jin Yuan square, Chongqing Jiangbei Road, recently two people came with a a child begging, and that the 4 year old boy, can let a person be struck dumb!!! You’re not wrong! The child was lying in his mother’s arms while smoking!!! When the mother not only did not stop, the face also revealed no smile. A cigarette smoked 3/4, the child handed the cigarette to the mother, the child’s mother took the rest of the cigarette, but also suck up. 630 is brother to see this, the child came to stop smoking, and his mother advised. But the mother and son had shouted "get out", the children not only swearing talk, if there are enthusiastic people care about education him, he waved his fist. In the past people see this scene, all worried. Local streets, public security, urban management, rescue stations and other departments have come to care about them, and expressed their willingness to help. But this one family has been reluctant to accept assistance, Jiangbei District rescue station where owners told 630 material brother: this family from Guizhou, the child is middle-aged woman’s own, the relevant departments have advised them to relief stations, to help them home, but was rejected each other. The rescue station is also very helpless. For the healthy growth of the 4 year old children, Jiangbei District departments are still further work. The parents found the child’s spirit is not normal, the public security departments may take coercive measures against their parents, and send their children to Chongqing city child protection center, mandatory conservation measures for children. (source: Chongqing television news channel) [Sohu mother and baby tips] vigilance! Destroy the baby’s 18 bad habits of life, let the children feel that they can not do anything, no one appreciated him 1. For example, learning is not good, looks not, communication is not good, do not do housework, careless, careless, so that his family was involved…… All in all, he had no place to go. 2 often take him "line" to stimulate him. For example, this kind of words should always be in the mouth: "look at others × × never let parents worry about!" these words the most striking and destructive force, is to destroy the child’s trump card quotes. 3 make a child feel guilty. Parents put himself become victims of family image, so that the children would have guilt. A guilty people often use the method of self life. Specific methods are as follows: the children are often told, since he had never seen the movie, you even, your broken heart will get sick for him, better to say which specific diseases on your body because he is caused by. Or, if it is not to take care of him, he had a great career development. 4 when talking to a child, you must never be kind. Must not be used to discuss the tone, be sure to make the volume up to 70 decibels or more, be sure to use the command tone. If you can meet some sarcastic irony.相关的主题文章: