31 army Wu straight, 10 fog formation dispatched with enemy aircraft dog (Figure) – Sohu Military Ch-66814

04 Jun

31 military straight 10 fog formation and dispatched "enemy" dog fighting (Figure) – Sohu military channel map straight 10 straight and 19 night running training. The picture shows three formations of Wu Zhi 10. According to CCTV reported that recently, thirty-first army Army aviation regiment at night in the rain and fog conditions, to carry out a – night flight training. Drizzle, mist shrouded, the land fleet helicopter formation in visibility less than 1 kilometers, still launched the normal training after the festival. According to the thirty-first army Army Aviation Regiment pilot Zhang Zhiyuan, in low visibility conditions, in addition to the pilot through the speed table, compass and the flight time to determine the location, time and distance of the helicopter, but also by the influence of wind speed and air flow, to maintain and revise the flight state. The plane took off shortly, danger ensued, fleet encountered the "enemy" with the tail. The pilot decided to reduce altitude, use the valley hidden, get rid of "enemy" aircraft reconnaissance. In order to adapt to the changeable battlefield environment, the formations also fly over the high mountains and thick forests and complex sea surface at low altitude, and accomplish the training of air penetration, vertical landing, hovering and turning. At the end of the day, the night flight begins immediately, and the effect of low visibility on the pilots is more obvious. Not only depends on various instruments to determine the direction, flight state, but also to observe the flight path and landing position by using night vision instrument. Although the visibility is only two kilometers, has been close to the flying weather conditions limit, but still driving fighter pilots cloudbroken fog, night landing, reconnaissance and hedgehopping as coherent expansion. Du Dianfeng, a squadron leader of a group of thirty-first Army Air Corps, said that pilots should not only fly, but also fight, defend, and hide, so as to further enhance and consolidate the all-weather combat capability under various harsh conditions.

31军武直10雾天编队出动 与“敌机”狗斗(图)-搜狐军事频道 图为直10直19雨雾夜暗战训。 图为三架武直10编队。   据央视报道,近日,第31集团军某陆航团在雨雾夜暗条件下,开展了跨昼夜飞行训练。细雨绵绵,薄雾笼罩,该陆航团直升机编队在能见度不足1公里的情况下,依然展开了节后的正常训练。   据第31集团军某陆航团飞行员张志远介绍,在低能见度条件下,飞行员除了通过速度表、罗盘和飞行时间来确定直升机的方位、时间和距离,还要通过风速和气流的影响,来保持和修正飞行状态。   飞机升空不久,险情接踵而至,编队突遇“敌”机尾随。飞行员果断降低飞行高度,利用山谷隐蔽,摆脱“敌”机侦察。为适应多变的战场环境,编队还低空飞越高山密林和复杂多变的海面,完成了空中突防、垂直起落、悬停回转等课目的训练。   白天飞行结束,夜间飞行随即展开,低能见度对飞行员的影响更加明显,不仅要依赖各类仪表判断方向、飞行状态,还要利用夜视仪观察飞行路径和降落位置。虽然当晚能见度仅两公里,已接近可飞气象条件极限,但飞行员照样驾驶战机穿云破雾,夜间机降、侦察和超低空飞行等课目连贯展开。   第31集团军某陆航团中队长杜殿峰表示,飞行员不仅要能飞,更要能打、能防、能藏,要进一步提升和打牢应对各种恶劣条件下的全天候作战能力。相关的主题文章: