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10 Apr

27 involved in the Beijing brand car on the 22 day of the highest online auction valuation of the car – Sohu news part of the auction to participate in the small bus. Beijing brand passenger car platform screenshot judicial disposal Beijing News (reporter Wang Mengyao) reporter from Beijing City Court was informed that from September 12th onwards, Beijing city court to start the second year period of the Beijing brand passenger car judicial disposal. The public can be obtained by Beijing Court seized or detained car ownership through bidding procedures, and handle the registration formalities according to the relevant procedures for the transfer of vehicles. The disposal of a total of 27 vehicles. In May this year, Beijing 11 vehicles involved in the judicial disposal of Beijing brand cars, a total of more than 2 people enrolled in the bidding activities, of which 5649 people paid the deposit and registration fees, the ownership of the final race of 11 cars, the success ratio of nearly 514:1. In the first phase of the auction, the 11 cars in less than 1 minutes to be called to the highest price limit, which is the most popular of a Buick car was quoted up to 2017 times. After a lapse of more than 3 months, Beijing once again involved in the disposal of the auction of passenger cars judicial work. Referred to the Beijing court’s official website related documents, fewer vehicles every year Beijing passenger car to justice, only a few hundred vehicles, up to two months of court organization to conduct a disposal, disposal of each vehicle from several to dozens of vehicles ranging from cars. The judicial disposal of the passenger car is also a criminal case, as well as civil and commercial cases of seizure, seizure of vehicles. Reporter login Beijing brand passenger car judicial disposal network platform to see the details of the vehicle, photos, videos and other information and announcements have been displayed on the Internet, a total of 27. 27 vehicles to be disposed of a number of Buick cars, Dongfeng Peugeot, there are BMW cars, etc.. A Buick car to assess the price of the highest 231 thousand yuan; a Passat sedan to assess the price of 52 thousand yuan minimum. The focus of 1 per person can only choose a car to buy a fancy car can not directly participate in bidding? According to the regulations, the bidder must have small passenger car Yaohao qualifications, in accordance with the detailed rules for the implementation of the "Interim Provisions" of Beijing City, regulating the number of passenger cars (revised in 2013) provisions of article thirty-third, in the city of Beijing minibus indicators regulation system have been made by the valid application audit confirmed please encoding, but has not yet made a personal vehicle configuration index. Legal persons and other organizations shall not participate in bidding. This means that you want to participate in the bidding must be in Beijing Yaohao qualifications, has been approved and has not been a success. I have determined to participate in bidding qualification, through the Beijing court, Beijing minibus indicators regulation information system website channel login Beijing property exchange Beijing passenger car judicial disposal platform, check the vehicle information disposal, disposal notice, and participate in bidding. The conditions, to participate in bidding of people but also in the passenger car notice provisions apply to justice before the deadline, the completion of the registration, choose a small passenger car, pay the deposit and registration fees and other matters, so as to become bidders. In addition, with the intention of bidders only in each Beijing brand cars in a choice of judicial disposal of Xiaoxuming相关的主题文章: