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17 Nov

2017 listing, Uber in the end how much money – Sohu technology thanks to the attention of pleasure capital. This article from the United States Redpoint VC partner Mahesh blog. The article collects the data on the Uber’s revenue and loss for each channel, and forecasts the size and growth of revenue, and compares it with the Internet Co. Simply speaking, if the reference Facebook treatment (this is the Internet Co unique treatment) 10 times, P S, Uber up to the value of $125 billion. If 6 times P S, the last round of investors basically do not want to make money. Since you said Uber, I used the same frame in the back of a few drops of valuation views, is discussed, don’t scold. At a $68B valuation, Uber is worth more than GM, Ford, Honda, and most other auto makers (save for Toyota, Daimler Volkswagen, and BMW). In fact, Uber is also worth more than most large cap Internet companies including titans such as Netflix ($50B), PayPal ($50B), Baidu ($58B), and eBay ($32B). To put things into perspective, the only US public Internet companies worth MORE than Uber right now are Apple ($578B), Google ($525B), Microsoft ($462B), Amazon ($350B), Facebook ($350B), and Priceline (just barely at $71B). According to Uber680 million a valuation of $Uber, the value of more than general motors, Ford, Honda and most other car manufacturers (except TOYOTA, Daimler, Volkswagen and BMW). In fact, the value of Uber is also greater than most large Internet Co, including Netflix ($50 billion), PayPal (50 billion U.S. dollars), Baidu ($58 billion) and eBay ($32 billion) and other giants. From another point of view, the current higher than the Uber value of the United States listed Internet Co only apple ($578 billion), Google ($525 billion), Microsoft ($462 billion), Amazon ($350 billion).相关的主题文章: