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18 Nov

Have [color off]15 fire injury: the core can be look back to Japan home court Tuesday 001            World Cup;; Japan VS Saudi Arabia recommended: let FireWire courier: FIFA wins ranked 51 in Japan in a friendly match with half lineup 4 to 0 win over Oman, currently living in Japan preliminaries start 2 wins 1 flat 1 negative, 3 points behind Saudi Arabia, the recent 4 War 3 wins 1 flat state well, the last 5 times World Cup Home Court 4 wins and 1 losses only lost to the United Arab Emirates; the Saudi FIFA ranked 54, World Cup before the 4 round 3 wins 1 flat unbeaten at the top of the list. Saudi Arabia, the games have 14 consecutive games unbeaten, World Cup last 5 away 3 wins 2 flat. Two teams nearly 6 confrontation, Japan’s 4 wins and 2 losses dominate. Saudi coach Van Mar Vic has led Holland to beat Japan twice. Injury interpretation: Japan: Kawasaki recently Kobayashi leisurely injured striker Wuteng Yoshiki, Usami Takashi continued to lost due to injury, Kagawa Shinji and Hatomo Yuto’s absence friendlies are injured, but the former is expected to return. Saudi Arabia: goalkeeper Moshe Le M absent because of injury, defender Fadil, Al, and Al Yebulinyin midfield injury unsuccessful, after three man bench. The full effect of Saudi squad domestic league, captain of the guard, midfielder and striker Javier Ho Jassim Shamrani led team. Interpretation: Europe: Hongkong handicap horse: 1.17 12 to 8.50 5.40 1.24 5 1.47 3.90 6.10 – 1.40 liters: 4.50 6.10 1.50 4.20 6.50 1.33 William Hill: 5, 9 disc: aocai: 1.02 to 0.80 ball half ball ball half 0.92 0.90 Wade: 0.84 to 1.01 ball half ball ball half 0.90 0.95 liter: a ball 0.90, 1 ball ball half 0.98 0.92 of the game to top the group dispute. Japan only 3 points behind Saudi Arabia, the game will have the opportunity to win over opponents. In recent years, Saudi Arabia is rising momentum, 14 consecutive unbeaten. However, the Japanese concession still make the ball half ", having to retreat to a ball ball half induced footwall from chupan concessions would win great efforts can be seen in Japan, the Japanese have recommended wins. On Tuesday, 004          World Cup;   Syria VS Iran recommended: negative FireWire courier: FIFA ranked 96 in Syria in Malaysia for the friendly match 2 to 0 victory over Singapore team before the 4 round of world cup with 4 points in the fourth group, 6 points behind Iran. Syria in Malaysia has two games 1 wins and 1 have conceded, including FIFA draw with South Korea; Iran ranked 27 for the highest in Asia, World Cup before the 4 round of 3 wins and 1 draws from the top. Last week’s friendly.相关的主题文章: