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15 Apr

120 frames to Ang Lee to bring new fans to let go of the past viewing habits – Entertainment Sohu Ang Lee said the next 120 frames can play more new tricks   (source: JINGWAH times) Sohu entertainment news yesterday (November 6th), new director Ang Lee Billy – "Lynn midfielder war" (hereinafter referred to as "Billy Lynn") premiere held a press conference in Beijing, starring Li Anxie, Joe Alvin, son of Li Chun debut, produced to help out in winter Bona film group president. Ang Lee site to answer questions about the new film, he hoped that we let go of the past viewing habits, to enter the new world to understand the film". Ang Lee said that everyone has been changing the viewing habits, the next 120 frames can play more tricks, I really feel the stones across the river, as far as possible to do. When many people like it, I feel very encouraged." The film through the 19 year old American soldier Billy – Lynn perspective to show a wonderful journey of heroes". The film will be in November 11th to 120 frames 3D 4K, 60 frames, 24 frames 3D and other specifications mainland release. The new actor by Zan Tiancai Ang Lee said Joe Alvin "lovingly pathetic juvenile fantasy camp" "drifting", released 4 years later, Li Anxie’s "Billy Lynn’s war" midfielder to Beijing again publicity, he sighed, "although I am 62 years old, but still good growth, like these young people." In the film, Ang Lee boldly used beyond the existing shot 4K 3D 120 frame format shooting, he also sent intimate viewing Guide: "we relax their past viewing habits in the new movie release, the world to feel good. (movie) I will re create each version, in this version to do the best, 24 or 60 frames are also better than before, I hope everyone to see each version." The film actor Billy Lynn who played Joe Alvin for the first time in the movie theater, Ang Lee praised him as a genius type actor in the show, a top talent, "he can play the leading role to play the young pie" child." Ang Lee said and his tacit cooperation to some soul like induction, "his looks lovingly pathetic, fascinating." Joe – Alvin said he grew up watching the film director Ang Lee grew up, there is a chance to become the protagonist of his director, for me is a great experience." Joe Alvin said the first seen in the 120 frame painting himself is "surreal". The son of Ang Lee Li Chun rocket soldiers play modest self-assessment 5 points about why a challenge difficult, Li Ancheng needs to feel alive, "there are no obstacles, no one is thinking, it is difficult to maintain freshness, in the course of time will feel stiff, I can’t stand. Because I love movies, love movies, someone will let me go to school, to me is very good, I also cherish. I have no ambition to challenge every project, but to climb a peak every time, not only to learn, but also to learn humility. Why this time is 120 frames? Why is this luminosity? Thinking相关的主题文章: