86Close to dealers association release of the county level platform to issue bonds misreading|Close to dealers association release of the county level platform to issue bonds misreading5

Close to the people: "let the NAFMII District platform bonds China Department misread securities network (reporter Wang Yuan) according to media reports today" NAFMII will open the district level platform bonds "message, according to people close to the dealers association of China securities network reporter that the reported that the Department of misreading. The person said, indeed Dealers Association on September 2nd held the underwriter briefing, after full investigation and the market institutions generally reflect the current involving infrastructure construction enterprises and real estate enterprises in the two types of enterprises still exist certain financing needs, will further optimize the registration for work flow, optimize the use of funds raised, while strengthening the information disclosure requirements, make risk prevention work. The source said that in terms of bonds involving infrastructure construction companies, first, the development of information disclosure forms, further standardize the construction of infrastructure enterprise information disclosure. In order to urge the company, really really meet the project, really really, really debt assets, cash flow, real support "six true principles" of the registration of the issuer of debt financing instruments, formulated the "city infrastructure construction enterprise information disclosure form", clear information disclosure points, and further strengthen the obligations of underwriters due diligence responsibilities other intermediaries. Two is to optimize the scope of the main issuers to support local economic development. For a better economic base, the relatively high degree of market-oriented operation of the provincial capital cities and municipalities, to support these areas under the county level enterprises registered debt financing instruments issued. Three is to simplify the construction of enterprises involved in the construction of infrastructure requirements, improve the efficiency of registration. To further simplify the requirements of the registration requirements, the relevant information by the issuer and intermediaries in the distribution of materials, improve the efficiency of registration. In the aspect of real estate corporate bonds, the source told Chinese securities network reporter, one is for the real estate enterprise asset liability rate is high, large regional differences, in the main business area distribution, inventory to ability, strengthen the real estate enterprise information disclosure and risk prevention work, improve the debt protection measures. Setting of prior restraint terms to increase the protection of the investors. The two is to strengthen the use of funds raised by the management of real estate enterprises, the main underwriter shall carry out the special account to raise funds for supervision, the use of funds raised to comply with the relevant laws and regulations of the state policy and association self-discipline. The three is to support the main business in a second tier city, excellent credit quality, market acceptance is high (AA level and above) of listed enterprises and state-owned enterprises registered issuance of debt financing instruments to raise funds for the implementation of the national real estate industry on the "stock", "purchase rental and other related policies. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).

24The Star Chi – European cheese may sign the mystery – and interpretation of Sohu|The Star Chi – European cheese may sign the mystery – and interpretation of Sohu7

The Star Chi – European cheese may sign the mystery – and interpretation of Sohu by the French National Dairy Industry Association (CNIEL) sponsored by the "Star Chi – European cheese may interpret constellation mystery" 2016 European cheeses Beijing media tasting held in Beijing Kang Hotel Riedel. In the mysterious atmosphere of astrology, guests have a taste from Europe warm strong fragrance Zhixiang – melted cheese. In all the cultures of the world, people have or still believe that astronomical phenomena have an impact on people. Along with the progress and development of astrology, by changing the phase chart pattern, to predict people’s fortunes and to explain things more easily accepted by people. Therefore, in the "Chi star like European cheese tasting, the organizers intended to show the European culture and food China charm to the consumers through the combination of western culture and the constellation of European cheeses, in financial kashiba strong tasting cheese from Hotel Riedel Kang village of traditional delicacy – cheese Hot pot under the stars, enjoy the fragrant sesame side stops to thaw, millennia of constellation culture, even through the decryption cheese to predict their astrological activities this week even this month for the situation. Seaman early during the voyage of sailing on astrology to adjust the direction, determine the time, at the same time, the method of cheese production because of its easy to carry features is not easy to damage has become the essential delicacy seaman in navigation. Because of this, the cheese and the constellation were introduced into Europe and developed better. Through thousands of years of history, and then met with the constellation of cheese actually appeared in Beijing in the European traditional delicacy tasting. Tasting cheese flavors, as the constellation of diversity and phase transformation, different constellation tasters taste different, but there is always a cheese tasting can open the taste buds, so to find the cheese tasting phase belongs to own the one and only, the texture, appearance, taste and aftertaste corresponding blue lines Erdem, cheese, feta cheese, cheese, cheese, Carmen Bell Kong Tai and Reblo cheese, parmesan cheese, Krebs Luo Shen, Bree, and other famous European AI Manta cheese, tasting the tongue to fully experience from Europe with milk fragrance, also understand the relationship perplexing chart. The "Star Chi – European cheeses may interpret the constellation mystery" theme activities for guests to understand cheese constellation, forecast more show the classic Cheese Culture from Europe, let every day in Europe on the table is accepted by consumers China delicacy. The media tasting organizers invited to the hotel chef for the presence of the guests show the cheese charm, will be subject to European consumer favorite cheese category introduced to every guest here, for the China consumer awareness of European cheese, cheese and mellow taste European cooking Jiapin further. The scene of the guests tasting cheese flavor Hot pot slide wire, while talk about learned in the field of astrology culture, the site was filled with the aroma of cheese and the warm breath of autumn afternoon. The media have said that the European traditional delicacy tasting experience is not only a wonderful taste, it is a deep understanding of European culture and culture of the constellation cheese opportunity, the French National Dairy Industry Association in Europe will introduce the Chinese cheese market.